Make the sun warm your nights.

At Solartes, we are developing transparent plastics to capture and store energy from the sun during the day and release the stored energy as heat in the evening. 

Solartes plastics act as thermal energy storage mediums. In fact, simulations show that a 4 mm thick Solartes panel will store as much thermal energy as a 2.5 cm thick wall of concrete.

Our vision is that Solartes plastics will be integrated into windows to provide passive dynamic heating without the need for additional electrical control units. This would improve comfort and extend the use of windowed areas without additional heat sources.

The idea for Solartes plastics was developed in Kasper Moth-Poulsen’s research group at Chalmers University of Technology. Support for the transfer of the scientific research into Solartes AB was supplied by the innovation environment of Chalmers, through the Chalmers Innovation Office and Chalmers Ventures.



Solartes AB

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